NFL Network, Joe Theismann “I Think Within A Few Years The Superbowl Will Be In L.A.”

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The Drive Monday 1-30-12 -Joe Theismann talks with The Drive where he thinks the Super Bowl is headed, Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning in the Hall of Fame, and what to expect on Super Bowl Sunday.

Theismann is already out in Indianapolis, getting ready for this year’s Super Bowl, and is excited for the weekend to come.  He has high hopes for the match, and Indianapolis is certainly ready for the crowds.  He shared his thoughts on what he thought would be the perfect location for a future game, stating:

“I [have been to a lot of Super Bowls], and never really been to a bad [location]…I predict within the next 3-5 years there will be a Super Bowl in LA…the Super Bowl is that kind of event where the Super Bowl takes precedence and Mother Nature’s been pretty good.  Dallas was a little tough last year.”

Theismann also said that while a lot of people view this weekend as a chance for revenge, he didn’t believe that was the way any of the players viewed it.

“It’s neither [a rematch or for revenge]…when you look at the Giants and the Patriots, the teams have changed so much in the last four years.  The rosters have changed dramatically in four years.  As you sit and you look at these two football teams, first of all, there is no such thing as revenge.  The fans get all caught up in it but from a player’s standpoint, it’s a new year, a different set of circumstances apply…” 

He continued to say that the overlap between the two rosters from the Super Bowl game four years ago made no difference in his opinion on the matter, stating that all playoff games are huge and this game should be focused on this year-not concerned with the idea of revenge.  He said while there are games he wishes he could go back to, you can never recreate that exact game.

“I just don’t see it…I can’t see why…every year a team starts again from zero.  Every year about 33% of the team changes-coaches, players…  It’s a constant change…you aren’t the same bunch of guys playing the same bunch of guys…you need to focus on today’s game in 2012.  On February 5, 2012, you are going to play a game for the World Championship and it’s going to be Super Bowl 46.  It has nothing to do with any of the previous Super Bowls.”

The biggest story coming out of the Super Bowl, obviously has been that little brother Eli Manning is playing in the same location where his big brother, Peyton, has called home for so long.  Theismann weighed in on who this particular game means more to regarding a chance in the Hall of Fame-and interestingly, he said neither.

“I said a few years ago I thought Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback that ever lived.  I felt like Tom accomplished so much…I think Tom is past [Joe Montana’s legacy].  I think in all likelihood Eli will end up [in the Hall of Fame] eventually, [whether or not he wins this game]…Eli basically took [the Giants] on his shoulders. “

Theismann has been to his fair share of Super Bowls both as a player and as a spectator and had valuable advice for all of the players hitting the field on Sunday:

“It really boils down to are either of these teams going to take the role of the Green Bay Packers a couple  weeks ago, and put the ball on the ground and make mistakes, or will both teams play to their level and we will have an incredibly exciting Super Bowl.  It’s a huge game, I understand how important the game is, I understand that it gives us the opportunity to do something special…it’s something we have been pointed to the entire season…all of the trials and tribulations…they all get put to rest now.  You have a three hour period to enjoy the moment, do your job, don’t make it a burden.


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