Giants’ Hakeem Nicks: “Eli Gets The Job Done”

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Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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Mac Attack 01/26/12:  Charlotte resident and Giants star WR Hakeem Nicks joined the guys to discuss the Super Bowl, his rise to stardom, and whether or not he will salsa in the end zone against the Patriots.

Hakeem says Quarterback Eli Manning is the definition of a true pro:

“ [Eli] gets the job done.  Eli is one of those type of guys that knows where the defense is going before they even do it just by watching film so much all week.  He knows the breakdown of the opponent, he does a great job of scouting them…Eli is clutch.  He knows when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter, that’s when to step up…and in the fourth quarter, he always comes through.”

Nicks made sure to reiterate that not only does Manning prepare himself before each game, he makes sure his wide receivers are on the same page, making them aware of what he discovered studying film and in game prepping strategy.

In the playoff changing Giants game against the Green Bay Packers, Nicks made the ultimate hail Mary catch.  He joked about the catch, saying that he was shocked the Packers gave him room to run with the ball, especially because he was supposed to be the guy tipping the ball on the play.

“Once I got up there, I knew I was gonna get it.  Once I got up there, I didn’t see nothing but me and the ball…I was shocked they let me run down there freely like that…once I came down with it and looked around, I was like, I got it. “

Mac, trying to goad Nicks, bugs him about busting out his best salsa moves a la Victor Cruz.  Nicks laughs, “[Dancing after a touchdown,] that’s not my thing…I always act like I’ve been there before.  I might pose for the camera every now and then, but I’m not going to [dance]…I did my first playoff game because one of my teammates put me up to it.”

Nicks is definitely excited about the Super Bowl against the Patriots and keeping his thoughts positive, drawing strength from his upbringing.

“[High school] gave me a champion mentality-always wanting to win and always looking forward to winning…never accepting a loss easily…”  He knows the Patriots won’t go down easily, but expects to capitalize on any opportunities he and his teammates can.

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