What Not To Wear To The Panthers Game

By Chris Johnson
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With Saturday being our last home game here in Charlotte, I need to get something off my chest. One of my biggest pet peeves at Panther games are the choices of jerseys people decide to wear.  So as my Christmas gift to everybody going to the game, everybody who has ever been to a game, or anybody who ever plans on going to a game, I am going to tell you how to keep it respectable.

I have been attending Panther games ever since their inaugural season when they played in Clemson.  One could say I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to watching the Cats.  One thing that has plagued me over the years is the fans of other teams at the game.  OK, sure, I understand if, for example, we are playing Tampa Bay on Saturday, and you are a Tampa fan and wear your gear.  I have been to other stadiums to watch Carolina and I have no reservations wearing my favorite Panther jersey.  What I do take issue with is if you are wearing the jersey of a team that isn’t playing.  If the Panthers are playing the Bucs, why are you wearing a Jets jersey to the game?  Nothing makes my blood boil more.   I just don’t get why people wear the jersey or gear of a team that isn’t playing at that stadium to the game.  Were you confused about who the Panthers were playing that week and thought they were playing your team?  If that is the case, how big of a fan of them are you if you don’t know who they are playing on any particular week?  Perhaps you are there to cheer for the Panthers, but you wouldn’t dare go a Sunday without donning all your Dallas décor. I understand – you have two teams, you cheer for the Panthers and whoever else – but when in Carolina, why not support the Panthers?

Two Sundays ago when we played the Falcons, I was at the game. When I went to the concessions I happen to notice the guy next to me wearing a Steelers jersey and jacket.  So let me get this straight: the Steelers, who had already played on Thursday night that week, were your choice to wear on Sunday?  They weren’t even playing that day, and you decided to wear not, say, a Panther jersey with a Steelers hat, but the entire get-up for a team that had no bearing on the game at hand.  It’s not like the Falcons are some type of rivalry with the Steelers and you were there to harass them with your black and yellow.  It is absolutely mind numbing to me that someone would want to do that.  If you want to watch the Steelers, or Dolphins, or Patriots, or whoever, why not just stay home and watch them?  Clearly that is the team that is closest to your heart, so why would you even jeopardize even missing a second of their game to go watch the Panthers?  I am sure Steve Smith appreciates your support when he looks up in the stands and sees you in your Ben Roethlisberger jersey.

This one also irritates me to an extent: when people wear all their college team’s gear to the Panther game.  Sure, you are pumped about your team making it to the Beef’O Brady Bowl, but couldn’t you reserve Sundays for the pros?  College games are played on Saturdays, pro games on Sundays.  Nobody wants to see your awesome purple velour Clemson sweat suit at Bank of America stadium. On the same note, I wouldn’t want to see anybody wearing a Panther hoodie to a college game.  Undoubtedly there will be a Steelers fans there somewhere.  They couldn’t possibly go somewhere without advertising their fandom. It’s like the person who has to tell you how cool they are. Here is a hint: if you have to tell everybody you are that cool, you probably aren’t.

I know this blog sounds a little harsh-winded, especially during the Christmas season, but it is something that has burned me up for years.  So just to clarify for Saturdays game: Panthers clothing, yes;  Tampa gear, OK; any other teams, no.  Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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