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By: Bruce Wilson
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Photo by: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Photo by: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On a personal note: while visiting my son at Levine’s children’s Hospital I saw Carolina Panther players JJ Jansen, Dan Connor, & Thomas Keiser with members of our military. They were on location for a charity event and visiting kids in the hospital. I know this isn’t the first time athletes have visited kids in the hospital before but occurrences like this do not get enough press. Kudos to the Carolina Panthers, the military, and Levine’s children’s Hospital for everything they do. And yes, I wrote this blog from the hospital.

Back to sports, right now it is hard not to talk about the NFL and the local Carolina Panthers. Their success this year and excitement is a wonderful story, however the bowl season is starting up and here are my predictions for all of the remaining games. (NOTE: I will try not to use the corporate sponsors names of each game simply because they are annoying)

Poinsettia Bowl – #18 TCU vs. LaTech - Disappointing placement for TCU here, regardless the should easily win.

Las Vegas Bowl – #7 Boise State vs. Arizona State – One day BCS Title contenders, the next day visiting the fountains at Bellagio. Boise State big time.

Hawaii Bowl – #21 Southern Miss vs. Nevada – After crushing Houston’s BCS dream, SMU will get its 12th victory of the season here.

Independence Bowl – North Carolina vs. Missouri – I hate UNC so I’m picking Missouri.

Little Caesars Bowl – Purdue vs. Western Michigan – I’ll take Purdue in the “Pizza Pizza” game.

Belk Bowl – North Carolina State vs. Louisville – I would like to cheer for the Wolfpack here but I foresee another sad ending for my Wolfpack friends, so I’m picking Louisville.

Military Bowl – Air Force vs. Toledo – I will take the Air Force just because they are military.

Holiday Bowl – #24 Texas vs. California – The Longhorns should win this one with no questions.

Sports Bowl – Notre Dame vs. Florida State – I felt both of these teams were over-rated at the beginning of the season and was right. I think Notre Dame wins a fun game to watch.

Alamo Bowl – #12 Baylor vs. Washington – I don’t think Washington has anything that will stop the Heisman trophy winner so I pick Baylor.

Armed Forces Bowl – Tulsa vs. BYU – Two programs I don’t follow, so I’ll pick BYU for the hell of it.

Pinstripe Bowl – Iowa State vs. Rutgers – *See Armed Forces Bowl* – Rutgers

Music City Bowl – Wake Forest vs. Mississippi State – Wake will continue to show the ACC struggles giving the Bulldogs the win.

Insight Bowl – #14 Oklahoma vs. Iowa – Does anyone really think Iowa has a chance here? Not me.

Meineke Bowl – Northwestern vs. Texas A&M – The Aggies should take this one in what is practically a home game for them.

Sun Bowl – Utah vs. Georgia Tech – Again the ACC struggles and Tech will the conference 0-5 in bowl games so far.

Fight Hunger Bowl – UCLA vs. Illinois – UCLA has no business being allowed to compete in a bowl and for that reason I’m cheering for Illinois.

Liberty Bowl – Vanderbilt vs. Cincinnati – I think Aaron Rodgers younger brother has a great future ahead of him, so I’m picking him to lead Vanderbilt to the win.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl – #25 Auburn vs. Virginia – The Cavaliers put the ACC at 0-6 in bowls this year.

Ticketcity Bowl – #19 Houston vs. #22 Penn State – I think the Cougar offense is going to blow the doors off of Penn State.

Gator Bowl – Florida vs. Ohio State – I’m not a Gator fan, but since I hate OSU I’m picking Florida to win a game I won’t watch.

Outback Bowl – #16 Georgia vs. #17 Michigan State – In what should be a closely contested match up I predict MSU will pull it out in the end, continuing to show that when UGA plays a decent opponent they lose (ie. Boise State, South Carolina, & LSU, all 3 games in Georgia no less).

Capital One Bowl – #9 South Carolina vs. #20 Nebraska – I think the Gamecocks defense will shut down Nebraska offense making things easier on Connor Shaw. South Carolina wins getting their first ever 11-win season.

Rose Bowl – #5 Oregon vs. #10 Wisconsin – People talk about Oregon being involved in the national title talk, but I feel the Badgers would be if it were not for a couple of fluke plays. I think Russell Wilson leads Wisconsin to a big win.

Fiesta Bowl – #3 Oklahoma State vs. #4 Stanford – I think Andrew Luck will have a great performance in his final collegiate game. I’ll take Stanford for the win.

Sugar Bowl – #11 Virginia Tech vs. #13 Michigan – NEITHER team should be in this game and I hate the Sugar Bowl committee for picking them. With that being said I think Virginia Tech has too much for the Wolverines and will give the ACC its first win of the bowl season.

Orange Bowl – #15 Clemson – vs. #23 West Virginia – Being a South Carolina fan it pains me to pick Clemson but I think their offense will open it up against a sub par Big East team.

Cotton Bowl – #6 Arkansas vs. #8 Kansas State – In what I’m going to call the real Sugar Bowl, Arkansas will win capping a very nice season for them.

Compass Bowl – Pittsburgh vs. Southern Methodist – Not a Big East football fan so I’ll  go with Southern Methodist.

GoDaddy Bowl – Northern Illinois vs. Arkansas State – I guess I didn’t realize either school had a football team. I’ll take Ark State.

National Championship Game – #1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama – It would be nice to see Alabama win 9-6 causing all sort of commotion about the rankings, however I think LSU is the better team and will win making them a perfect 14-0 and the champions.

Which bowl games are you looking forward to the most and who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below or on our WFNZ Facebook page. You can also follow me on Twitter @BruceRWilson

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