A Guide To Holiday Giving With HopeMatch!

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Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

Christmas is the season of love and giving! So why not take the time to visit local charities in Charlotte and the surrounding area and give gifts of time, energy, and effort! Check out one such charity that provides assistance to others in our community during this joyous time of year!

HopeMatch Is…

first A Guide To Holiday Giving With HopeMatch!

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HopeMatch is located in Charlotte, NC and provides assistance for individuals and families during the holiday season! The mission of HopeMatch is simple: “…to show God’s love to people who are going through a tough time in life.” With that beautiful premise, the volunteers and organizers at HopeMatch are able to meet the needs of others who are underemployed, struggling or forgotten by the masses. One profoundly unique quality of HopeMatch is that families or individuals who are in need of help do not have to meet any income requirements. The only rule from HopeMatch is: “… a family or individual must be referred by someone outside of their family who knows of their situation.” HopeMatch provides connectivity to hope and assistance to families and that connectivity is on-going.


volunteer A Guide To Holiday Giving With HopeMatch!

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The opportunities for volunteering for HopeMatch come in kaleidoscopes of wonderful color! There are so many kinds of help that are needed! For example… become a Shopper! A Shopper is someone who shops for families and individuals. There are teams, which provide a more detailed experience to ensure all of the necessities of those in need are met! Do you love to wrap gifts? Then become a Wrapper! Wrappers are able to use their creativity to create wonderful magical packages for those families in need! Community Liaison and community Support Persons are individuals who network with the community to create abundance and help for families in need! You interact with families and provide follow-up support for them as they transition with the assistance they are given.

Deck The Halls With Donations!

donations1 A Guide To Holiday Giving With HopeMatch!

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Even after the Christmas season is over, needs still have to be met! Not only is your money needed, but your hands as well as heart. Monies are needed for operating costs as well as on-going projects of HopeMatch… so why not help?

From Your Hands To Their Heart…

last1 A Guide To Holiday Giving With HopeMatch!

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Did you know that those that your help is appreciated!? The recipients of your huge heart and hands are so thankful to you and they let the staff at HopeMatch know! HopeMatch receives letters of gratitude from folks who have benefited from the services HopeMatch offers! Take a look here!

Additional Information

add1 A Guide To Holiday Giving With HopeMatch!

Courtesy: Facebook

PO Box 691051
Charlotte, NC 28227

(704)271-INFO (4636)

HopeMatch is a 501(C)3 non-profit ministry. All monetary or gift donations are tax deductible.
Come to know more about HopeMatch here!

Cicely C. Mitchell

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