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The 2011 BCS Playoffs

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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To not have a playoff in Division 1-A (FCS) Football is the most ridiculous thing in the world. At every other level of NCAA Football and in every other collegiate sport they have playoffs. It simply makes no sense. Without certainty no one can tell which team should be playing LSU for the title this season. To the majority Alabama might look like a step above Oklahoma State, but are you sure?

Here are the most common justifications that school presidents make:

- Missed Class time: WHAT the #@^% ? Football players play on SATURDAY!!! Golf, Tennis, and Baseball players miss a tremendous amount of class time during their seasons. Basketball players forget where their classes are in March. Missed class time asserts a double standard.

-Carrying the season in to the spring semester: Guess that’s no problem for basketball players right? Give me a break. Regardless, in my arrangement (below) it wouldn’t go any longer than it does now. 

-Too many games: Why condone App State (and other smaller level teams) playing 16 games every year? Seriously, that makes no sense. And don’t give me the whole “they would get injured” because they are bigger than 1-AA players. I can guarantee that there’s as big of a difference between App’s and Sewanee’s ( Division 3 team) players as there is between LSU’s and App’s.

The Other Bowl Games Wouldn’t Matter: I’m starting to get angry, now. Temple will play Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl on December 17th. How would that game mean less or more if there was a playoff? What about FSU vs Notre Dame in the Champs Bowl? There is NOTHING on the line this season, and there wouldn’t be if we had a playoff. In other words, LET THEM KEEP PLAYING! The bowl games are already glorified exhibitions. That wouldn’t change with an 8 team playoff.

It Would Lessen The Value Of The Regular Season: Stop it. No it wouldn’t. Every game would matter just as much as it does now. Any loss, especially to a conference opponent, would greatly risk your chances of qualifying, just as it does now. NONE of the conference championship games mattered at all using the current system this past Saturday. With my playoff system all 5 of the games would have been seen as virtual “play in games.” In other words, the regular season would matter MORE.

So, on to the plan…

Qualifications for my 8 team playoff:

-if you win one of the five major conferences (ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12) AND also finish in the top 10 in the final BCS standings you are in. Sorry, Big East but you simply have no argument for inclusion. This year no ACC team would qualify since the champion (Clemson) had 3 losses and finished 15th in the rankings. Again, every game matters.

-the remaining spots would be filled by the highest ranked at large teams in the country, regardless of conference. That guarantees teams like Cincinnati in 09, TCU last year, and Boise State this season a shot. At the same time it doesn’t penalize Alabama and Stanford.

Game Sites:
-The Quarterfinals would be played at the home stadiums of the top four teams in the BCS Standings on Friday, December 16th and Saturday, December 17th.

-The semifinal games would be played traditionally on New Year’s Day, but because the NFL games are on the 1st this season, the semifinals would be played on Monday, January 2nd. The two games would be played in one of the five BCS sites on a rotating basis. I am adding the Cotton Bowl as the 5th site because it seems destined to happen.

-The BCS National Championship would be played in the same place it is scheduled for this season: The Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans on Thursday, January 12th. I added a few additional days so that the two teams could prepare as much as necessary.

-The two BCS sites that aren’t in the rotation this season would get to pick any teams they want.

What it would look like this year (with predictions):

Friday, Dec 16th at 8:30pm on CBS (I’m a company man :))
#8 Wisconsin at #1 LSU (Badgers barely get in at #10 in the BCS)

Saturday, Dec 17th at 1pm, 4:45pm, and 8:30pm on CBS
#6 Arkansas at #3 Oklahoma State

#7 Boise State at #2 Alabama

#5 Oregon at #4 Stanford

The Semifinals:

Monday, January 2nd at 4pm at The Rose Bowl
#2 Alabama vs #3 Oklahoma State

Monday, January 2nd at 8pm at The Orange Bowl
#1 LSU vs #4 Stanford

Tuesday, January 3rd at 8pm at The Cotton Bowl (not in playoffs)
Baylor vs Clemson

Wednesday, January 4th at 8pm at The Sugar Bowl (not in playoffs)
South Carolina vs Virginia Tech

Monday, January 9th at 8pm at The Fiesta Bowl (not in playoffs)
Kansas State vs Michigan

Thurs, Jan. 12th at 8:30pm in New Orleans (BCS TITLE)
LSU vs Alabama

I know my predictions would end up with the same game but it would be WAY more exciting, bring tremendous ratings, and yes, MAKE MORE MONEY!!!

Honestly folks, I can’t think of any reason not to have a playoff. If you’ve got one please email me immediately. taylorz@wfnz.com


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