NFL Playoff Picture Still Blurry

By: Bruce Wilson
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Photo By: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Photo By: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

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On Sunday I went 10-3 in the WFNZ Blogger Picks Competition, increasing my lead from 1 game to 2 games. I won’t brag about it because I don’t want an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty like Desean Jackson got last night in the Eagles/Giants game for tossing the ball to an NYG coach. I will simply pull my hands apart from my jersey like I’m revealing a Superman costume on underneath it. Oh wait, that’s just reserved for quaterbacks of 2-8 teams. My bad.

Instead of talking about my domination in the Picks Competition or whether you’d rather have Cam Newton or Tim Tebow, let us focus on something of importance, like the (*cue Jim Mora*) playoffs.

Lets use some process of elimination to see if we can’t make sense of this mess. Here’s a list of teams that might as well be mathematically out of it: Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Miami, Washington, Minnesota, Carolina, St. Louis, & Arizona. Now I’m going to throw out any team that is only 4-6 right now: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Cleveland, San Diego, and Kansas City. Yes, I know KC is only 4-5 but they will be 4-6 after losing to New England tonight.

Since we’ve taken out 3 NFC West teams, that leaves San Francisco (9-1) to win the division and secure 1 of the 12 playoff spots. I’m also going to put Green Bay in another spot since they are 10-0 and more than likely won’t lose their last 6 games.

We’re now down to 16 teams fighting for 10 spots. I’m going to toss out Tennessee (because they can’t seem to get their act together), Cincinnati (because Andy Dalton won’t lead them to the postseason until next year), and Buffalo (because they came back down to Earth). I feel like Mark Sanchez is having such an off-year that we should throw away the New York Jets too. If this team will keep its mouth shut and focus on football, maybe next year they can return to the playoffs. This clears up the AFC races and provides us with our 6 playoff teams: AFC East winner New England, AFC South winner Houston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Denver, & Oakland. Yes I said Denver & Oakland. I think they will both make it.

The NFC side of things is a little more complicated with 6 teams battling for 4 spots. If Atlanta keeps making bone-headed calls (like going for it on 4th and 1 on their own 30 yard line in overtime against the Saints) they will be left out in the cold. I think Dallas will take the NFC East leaving Chicago, Detroit, and the New York Giants to fight for the 2 wild card spots. I don’t like the remaining schedule for the G-men and think this could be Tom Coughlin’s final year as head coach. Detroit returns to glory and Chicago will sneak in the back door, with or without Jay Cutler.

Final Predictions:

AFC Division Winners: New England, Houston, Baltimore, & Denver. AFC Wildcard Winners: Oakland & Pittsburgh

NFC Division Winners: Green Bay, San Francisco, New Orleans, & Dallas. NFC Wildcard Winners: Detroit & Chicago

I will be back at the end of the season with my thoughts on the postseason and we’ll see how many of the 12 spots I corrected picked.

In the meantime, let me know who you think will make it in or fizzle out at the end of the year. You can follow me on Twitter: @BruceRWilson

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