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Taylor’s Tuesday Teasers, Top 25, College and Pro Picks

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Before we get started: please don’t say that I hate the ACC, and that all I care about is the SEC. If it was all about the SEC I would still live in Alabama. I didn’t get fired there. I chose to move here. There is nowhere I would rather be than in the heart of ACC country. Thus, I want the teams in this area to do well. When area teams are winning games it makes for more excited listeners and better radio. So it would be great if college football teams in North Carolina won.

Unfortunately they don’t. Last weekend (counting Thursday) NC State lost at unranked Cincinnati, Virginia lost at home to unranked Southern Miss, Miami sleep walked through a loss at home to unranked Kansas State, and Maryland had their manhood stolen at home by unranked Temple. Any momentum the conference made before last weekend is all gone now. The ACC is 5-7 against BCS conferences this season, and only 1-3 againt the might Big East. Against lesser FBS divisions the conference is only 7-3, including losses to Temple, S Miss, and Central Florida. And once again the ACC has lost to an FCS team as Duke lost at home on opening night to Richmond.

For a conference that has consistently put the second most players in the NFL the past few years that is totally unacceptable. Why does the ACC keep stubbing its toe out of conference? They’re getting outcoached. What if I told you that ONE coach in the conference has finished a season with his team in the Top 10 final rankings? Yep. Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer has done it seven times, but that’s it. Meanwhile in the Big 12 they’ve got 7 different coaches that have done it. They’re only a 10 member league! As you can imagine the SEC has more than handful with 6, while the Pac 12 has 5, and the Big Ten has 3.  It’s pretty simple, folks. Until the ACC starts hiring the most qualified candidates to be their head coaches the losses to other conferences will keep coming.

1. LSU
2. Bama
3. Okla
4. Ok St
5. Wisc
6. Boise
7. Neb
8. Stan
9. S Caro
10. USF
11. Baylor
12. Fla
13. Clem
14. Ore
15. A&M
16. Tex
17. VT
18. Ark
19. TCU
20. Hou
21. Ga Tech
22. Mich
23. WVU
24. Ill
25. Iowa St

Pic ks: 26-16-2 vs the line, 42-12 overall (8-3-1, 10-3 last week)
Wake -1.5 at BC
NC State +11 vs Ga Tech, but Tech to win
Md will beat Towson
 UVA -17 vs Idaho
VT -7 vs Clemson
Miami will beat Beth Cook
Duke +3 at FIU
UNC -6.5 at ECU
Cocks -11 vs Auburn
Bama -4.5 at Fla
Neb +9.5 at Wisc, and to win
A&M -3 at Ark

Remember when Billy Ho said this in White Men Can’t Jump: “you’d rather look good and lose, than look bad and win.” I feel like some of our listeners would prefer that when it comes to Cam Newton. Don’t count me among them. Despite having an off day, Cam found a way to win on Sunday. That really impressed me. The kid is a winner, and winners always find a way. When you don’t have your A game, and still win it tells you all you need to know. Sure, I was blown away by what he did against Arizona and Green Bay, but I was most impressed by how he found a way without his best game on Sunday. Like former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings used to say: “the fun is in the winning.”

NFL picks; 33-15 on the season, 9-7 last week
Bills win at Cincy
Titans win in Cle
Texans beat Steelers
Bears beat Panthers
Dallas beats Detroit
Vikings win at KC
Rams beat Skins
Eagles beat Niners
Saints win at Jags
Giants win at Ariz
Atl wins at Seattle
GB beats Denver
Pats win at Oak
SD beats Miami
Balt beats the Jets
Bucs beat the Colts

join us for the College Caravan in Greenville as ECU hosts UNC! Its brought to you by Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers and Audi of Charlotte.


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