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2 Teen Girls Accused Of Robbing 2 Men Passed Out On Beach

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Tybee Island, Georgia

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (CBS Charlotte) – Dude, where’s my driver’s license — as well as my Costco and Bass Pro Shops membership cards, and Wal-Mart gift card?

Two Durham men visiting Tybee Island, Ga. are asking just that after they were robbed by two teenage girls last week, police said.

The young women are accused of robbing the victims while the two men were passed out drunk on the beach near Tybee Pier early Tuesday morning, according to the Savannah Morning News.

Stephanie Burnside and Samantha White, two 19-year-old girls from Pooler, Ga., have been charged with robbery and underage drinking. Two young males, Steven Hanke, 19, and Caleb Drobny, 20, have been charged with being a party to robbery, waiting in a getaway car as Burnside and White ransacked the North Carolina residents, fleeing afterward.

“Hurry up, get in the car, let’s go,” one of the men yelled at the teenage girls, according to the police report.

In addition to stealing the cell phones, keys, and wallets of the two men, the two teens are also accused o stealing membership cards and gift cards to outlets such as Costco, Bass Pro Shops, and Wal-Mart, according to the police report. Tybee Island Police arrested the suspects and recovered all the items shortly after the robbery, receiving a tip from a witness.

Tybee Island Police Sgt. Jason Heckman said the frequency of people passing out drunk on the beach is somewhat common given that it’s a beach community.

“We have our fair share of alcohol-related crimes,” Heckman told CBS Charlotte. “This one was a little odd, though.”

He added: “You really don’t see young girls robbing guys like that.”

At least one of the two teenage girls accused of the robbery doesn’t mind if people know she was arrested. Burnside posted the initial news story on her Facebook wall.  She responded to one comment criticizing the arrest, saying, among other things, “i was blacked out drunk.”

Phone calls, text messages, and Facebook messages left for three of the four people accused of association with the robbery were not immediately returned.

The four Pooler residents are scheduled to appear in court Oct. 4. Heckman said that additional charges are pending.

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