The Good, The Bad, And The Smiling, The Wild Week In Football

By Chris Johnson
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Week One of the NFL is in the books, the NCAA has two weeks under its belt, and I am ready to give my take on the games. With it still being so early in the season, it’s hard to read a lot into what has happened so far – but I’m never one to hold back my opinions on most anything.   Here are a few questions, statements, and just general ramblings on the past few days.  I decided to do this one bullet-point style because I am suffering from a touch of adult a.d.d. today and I think it will be easier to read.  Try to stay with me, because I am going to be all over the place on this one.

  • Tom Brady is a beast.  Granted, nobody is surprised by this statement – but man, how could you not be impressed with the absolute shredding of Miami on Monday night?  He was 32-48 for 517 yards and four touchdowns, one of which was a 99-yard completion to Wes Welker.  Brady’s big night landed him fifth in the record books for most passing yards in a game in NFL history.
  • While all that was going on Chad Henne was quietly going 30-49 for 416 yards and two touchdowns.  Take that one play to Welker away and they have almost identical stats.  Albeit in a losing effort and with a team far less talented than New England, Henne had a really good game.  I wonder if the fans in Miami are still making those “We want Orton” chants.  If they are, they didn’t watch the second Monday night game.
  • One more thing about the Pats/Fins game and then we will move on.  Didn’t New England sign a certain somebody who changed his name to a number in the off-season?  Maybe he should change his name to “Uno for Catorce.” What is the over/under on which week Chad Ochocinco starts complaining and Belichick ships him off to some team for a third round draft pick a la Randy Moss last year?  I’m saying week 8.
  • Ok, anytime you bring up “best quarterback in the game” you have to mention Brady and Manning.  With Brady stating his case Monday night, I would argue to say the rest of the Colts made the argument for Peyton Manning on Sunday.  I knew Peyton was good and that Kerry Collins was no replacement, but apparently his reach over the Colts extends further than that.  A team that has made the playoffs every year since 2002 looked awful in a 34-7 loss to the division rival Texans.  I had no idea Manning had control over the defense and special teams as well.
  • Let me jump to college football for a minute and then we can get back to the big boys.  To anyone who didn’t get to see the Notre Dame/Michigan game Saturday night – drop what you are doing, stop reading this, go find it and watch it immediately.  “Instant classic” would be putting it lightly.  There were three lead changes and 35 points scored in the fourth quarter alone.  I am really not a fan of either team, but you have to appreciate a game like that one.  It was simply just one of those “holy &%#” kind of games.
  • Speaking of that, did anybody else hear Ron Jaworski drop the s-bomb Monday night?  If anybody would have asked me which Monday Night Football announcer would have shouted an expletive on national television, I would have put my money on Jon Gruden.
  • Couldn’t go too long without talking about the Carolina Panthers.  Cam Newton’s record setting debut is something we can hang our hat on.  Newton went 24-37 for two touchdowns and a pick, along with another touchdown rushing, giving him the record for most passing yards by a rookie in his debut game. I consider it a moral victory for the Panther fan base.
  • To borrow one from Marc James (and I really want this saying to catch on), I am hitching myself to the “Cam Wagon.”
  • The Panthers also got bad news this week when they lost linebacker Jon Beason for the season.  While losing Beason hurts the Panthers defensively, I feel like we are deep at linebacker.  Dan Connor looked good in the preseason and should be able to fill the spot.
  • One more thing to take away from this game was Steve Smith’s 8 catches for 178 yards and two touchdowns.  Did you see him on the sidelines during the game? To steal a quote from the movie Boiler Room, smiles “ear to ear baby.”
  • Let’s stay local for a little while.  There are a couple of games I want to touch on.  The UNC Tarheels, despite having five turnovers, were able to hold on and pull out a close one against Rutgers.  Giovani Bernard led the team in rushing with 16-81 and two touchdowns. On the other side of the ball, Carolina allowed only one rushing yard for the game.
  • The Heels are 2-0, and with Virginia and Georgia Tech coming up, they could easily be 4-0 heading into ECU in three weeks.
  • South Carolina was able to hold onto their lead long enough keep the Georgia Bulldogs away. The Cocks, behind Marcus Lattimore’s 176 yards and a touchdown, handed UGA their second loss of the season.  While USC is 2-0, there have to be some eyebrows raised on defense in Columbia after giving up 79 points in two games.  I am sure Bruce Wilson is concerned about his bet of South Carolina going undefeated and winning the BCS title, if they are giving up points like that.
  • Bruce must have had a lot on his mind this weekend.  While he was worried about me getting stood up again this weekend, he should have been worried about his Duke Blue Devil prediction of them going 7-5 and making a bowl game.  0-2 already with a loss Richmond – I don’t even need to say anymore. Oh, and for the record, Bruce, I did have a date this weekend – and no, I was not stood up this time.
  • One more quick one down in South Cakalak – Clemson was only able to pull away in the fourth quarter from Wofford 35-27.  I really wanted to see Wofford get the upset, just so I could go around telling Clemson fans to “Fear the Terrier,” and the rest of their schedule.  Crazy stat from this game, too – Wofford’s quarterback Mitch Allen was 2-7 for 127 yards, one touchdown and one pick.  I am still baffled by how that can even happen.
  • I am going to rattle just a few more off here.  I really liked what the NFL and their players did for the 9/11 anniversary, from all the players holding the giant flag before game to the coaches and players wearing different type of patriotic hats, glove shoes, etc.
  • A few people have asked me to write a blog on fantasy football, and I may still get around to doing one – but here is some advice.  Do not go on your league message board Sunday morning before the games start, proclaiming how you are about to destroy all the other teams and how you will soon take your seat in your throne above all that is fantasy football.  This is a bad move and will backfire in your face, causing your team to severely disappoint you and give you the lowest point total for the week.  I speak from personal experience.
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