The “U.” Is Guilty In A Court Of Public Opinion Before Trial

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Florida International Panthers v Miami Hurricanes

     First it was USC with Reggie Bush & O.J. Mayo…then it was UNC with Robert Quinn, Greg Little, & Marvin Austin…then it was Oregon with Willie Lyles’ recruiting services…then it was Boise State with impermissible benefits…then it was Thee “Ohio State” with Terrelle Pryor’s tattoos & Jim Tressel’s “Watergate” cover-up…and now it’s The “Evil Empire of College Football” better known as THE “U.” with former rogue booster Nevin Shapiro.
     By comparison, Miami’s alleged transgressions far outweigh all of the other schools staring in the cross fires of the NCAA. Cash inducements, Five-star restaurant paid meals, High-priced Hookers, Yacht parties, Strip clubs, Lavish gifts, and an alleged abortion have stained a school’s reputation that has been clean since Butch Davis took over for Dennis Erickson in 1995.
Was Miami complicit by administrative corruption, financial greed, naïveté, all of the above, or none of the above? Former athletic director Paul Dee allowed this cheap pimp Shapiro to prey upon each and everyone of the accused current & former players. By no means, I am condoning or advocating the out of control behavior.
     College Football is “BIG” Business in terms of Billions of dollars with revenue including television contracts, merchandise sales, conference bowl earnings, alumni donations, etc. Did Miami commit some transgressions? Undoubtedly. Did they commit all of these violations? Nobody knows except for the individuals involved. Better question. Like Denzel Washington said in Training Day,: “It’s Not what you know, it’s what you can prove”.
     When the NCAA Committee on Infractions renders the verdict on Miami, it will be Ugly, but it will NOT be SMU “Part 2”. Take it easy Hurricanes Haters. The premature demise of The “Corleone Family of College Football” is greatly exaggerated.

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