Tiger Woods Vs. Stevie Williams

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PGA Championship - Preview Day 2

Until Steve Williams said what he said on Sunday, I was on his side. There is nobody that was more supportive of Tiger, nobody more protective, no one that controlled Tiger’s secrets better than Steve Williams. So, Stevie had every right to be pissed off when Tiger fired him a few weeks ago.

Stevie says that Tiger didn’t do it in person, and if so, that makes it even worse. Thus, I understand why Williams wanted to stick it to Tiger. By caddying for Adam Scott, he did just that. Scott blitzed the field at Tiger’s best tournament. Woods has won in Akron 7 times, so Scott winning at a place he has been so successful should be enough bragging rights for Williams.

But then Stevie opened his big mouth and took all of the focus off of Scott’s victory. I have no problem with him agreeing to do the interview. But by speaking in the first person 37 times, and only mentioning Scott ONCE, he made an ass of himself.

Now, don’t get me wrong. A caddy is worth a few shots around, if not more. But they should never, ever act like they are an equal part of their player’s success. Hell, Williams went further than that. He acted like HE won the tournament.

So, forget about the sympathy for Stevie. Until he realizes his place, I’m all for Tiger getting back at him. Maybe it’ll happen this weekend at the PGA.


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