The Good, Bad, and Ugly For UNC

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The Good: The Heels still have the best chance of any Coastal division rival of knocking off Virginia Tech and making it to Charlotte for the ACC Title game. Now, I’m not picking them to do it but I still think they will be right there. I know many of you think it could be a lost season after Chancellor Holden Thorp’s senseless timing in firing Butch Davis now. But Interim Head Coach Everett Withers is a player’s guy, and I think he will keep this team focused. With Renner’s arm, a strong crop of receivers, a healthy Ryan Houston, the best offensive line the program has had in years, and still one of the best defenses in the conference I think Carolina will win 8 or 9 games.

The Bad: This season may be as good as it will get for UNC football for quite some time. They’re going to lose at least a few scholarships a year, will have a hard time in recruiting top level talent, and a harder time finding a new coach with big credentials.

The Ugly: As long as Holden Thorp is UNC’s chancellor, and the Board of Trustees stand in line with him the school is going to have a hard time fielding a legitimate winner in football. If Thorp and his cronies pick the new Athletic Director chances are it will be someone that is cut from their cloth. Matt Kupec, Rick Steinbacher, and especially Norwood Teague are all very impressive people. But all of them know the powers that be far too well.

I think the new AD needs to be a football minded person that has absolutely no ties to Chapel Hill. The one thing that Thorp said last week that made sense was that t school needs to field a very successful football program so that they can still support 27 other sports. In order to do that Thorp must step aside and let an outside search firm find his new athletic director. Once that person is identified then they can go and find a successful replacement to Davis.

But I don’t like the Heels chances of making that happen. Its likely that Thorp will make the hire, put in someone that won’t vear from the “Carolina Way,” and Kenan Stadium will once again be the “Aluminum Jungle.”

I hope I’m wrong. Some think its good for a talk show like The Drive to have controversy or  scandal like this. Well, they’re right for a few days, but then what? What good does it do to have a silent, apathetic fan base during football season? Like NC State in basketball I’m afraid UNC may be in a similar position in football for years to come.


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