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Goodbye Butch Davis, Should Chancellor Thorp Be Next?

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I have no problem with UNC firing Butch Davis. Now the timing is another issue altogether. Firing Davis NOW is senseless. You’ve jeopardized any chance for a big season and given fans a reason not to attend your games. Moreover, you’ve got an endzone addition that was exorbitant in cost, and now barely anyone will want to go sit in those seats. What a train wreck.

Davis could have been fired before, during, or shortly after last season. Instead Chancellor Holden Thorp and Athletics Director Dick Baddour were emphatic in their support of the embattled coach. Now suddenly Thorp has changed his tune. He said earlier today that the scandal had “chipped away at the University’s integrity” and it had a “cumulative effect on the school’s reputation.” I agree. So much in fact that Thorp should join Davis and Baddour (he resigned today too).

Thorp is responsible for the entire University as its Chancellor.  If he feels the entire school’s integrity has been compromised he should look in the mirror. By keeping Davis on as head coach this past year Thorp himself caused the damage to his school’s image. Therefore Thorp should clean out his office and step down as the school’s chancellor. Effective immediately.


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