Top 10 Reasons Al Davis Didn’t Vote For The CBA

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Mac Attack 07/22/11:  Check out a Mac Attack top 10 list of why Al Davis didn’t cast his  vote last night for the CBA.   Let us know why you don’t think Al Davis voted.

10.  He forgot to register in advance

9.   He wanted to talk with his Head Coach John Madden before he cast his vote

8.   He had an accident with his jumpsuit zipper in the mens room.

7.   He had to stop by McDonalds to pick up JaMarcus Russell from work.

6.   His hover round got stuck in Atlanta traffic.

5.   He got confused and cast his vote for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA lockout.

4.   He was talking Bo Jackson out of signing  with the Royals.

3.   He was still sitting at the podium from the Lane Kiffin press conference.

2.   Darrius Heyward-Bey couldn’t catch the cab for him.

1.   The thing on his forehead told him not to vote.

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