Tough Life for an Intern (Not so much)

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Hey guys Jay Weezie here, looks like one of the perks of my job is that I can have interns do some of my work for me. For the past few weeks we  have had quite a few interns coming through our offices and well some are better than others.  This week for my blog I decided to delegate it to Intern “Chief Justice” (Thats what I’m calling him).  So give it a read and respect your interns at your workplace most of us were all there at one point in our lives.

Tough Life for an Intern (Not so much)

I recently accepted the best job of my life. Not as a doctor, dentist, teacher, or a sports athlete. Nope, as in intern for CBS Radio 610 AM WFNZ, in Charlotte. I answer phones, edit, occasionally make a copy or two, and clean bathrooms at night (just kidding). It doesn’t pay much ($0/hr), can involve somewhat long hours, and nobody seems to remember my name. I sometimes get the assignments that nobody wants, like writing this blog, and can sometimes be the brunt of jokes, and take the blame for system malfunctions, not necessarily my doing. I do get a ton of free food, but I generally eat it cold, after the important and talented people enjoy it buffet style. I know, I know, you’re wondering how much longer I can tolerate these less than ideal working conditions. Truth is I actually enjoy every last second of my time at the station and dread going to the paying job that follows. Growing up in New York City, I built a passion for sports radio. Listening to the likes of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo, pioneers of our trade, combined with my love for sports, I have fulfilled my dream of working in sports radio. Who cares if I’m not getting paid (right now at least, these cold meals suck), I’m doing what I’m passionate about and what I love. Somewhere along the line, we as professionals, reach a critical junction in our careers, where we weigh the different aspects of what makes a great job. Some go for the money and live miserably. Others take a little less, but jump out of bed every morning. Some of us forget that you start at the bottom and work your way up. Nothing against my fellow silver-spooned brethren, who often have corporate gigs with daddy lined up well before puberty. I would rather work my way up, doing what I love, even if it entails working for a little less than a penny a day. On behalf of all interns (well not really, just me), Don’t Cry For Me Argentina! I read the fine print!

Glen Soto
CBS intern

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