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What Needs To Change About MLB’s All Star Game

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First and foremost get rid of the worst rule in sports: the winner gets home field advantage. I mean it. Its the single worst rule in sports. You don’t want all stars that pitched on Sunday to be allowed to pitch on Tuesday, yet the winner gets home field advantage in the most important event your sport has? Moreover, the team with home field in the world series almost ALWAYS wins that series. How on earth can you allow an exhibition that permits a large portion of its players to skip the event to still decide what happens in the world series? So stupid. Give the team with the better record home field in the world series.

Even after we get rid of that idiotic rule we still need to force these guys to show up. If you are voted into the all star game you MUST attend it. Fine, if you can’t play because you’re tired (what a bunch of whiney, rich wimps) you still better have your butt at the game. Tip your cap, and wave to the people that pay your salary (the fans). If someone doesn’t show up for the game they will not receive their all star bonus from their current contract.

If the game is tied at the end of 9 innings I’ve got a brilliant idea… END THE DAMN GAME WITH IT TIED!!!!!! Who in the blue hell cares if the all star game ends up tied? The fans just want to watch their favorite players play baseball. Its an exhibition. It doesn’t matter, just let it end. If you must decide a winner then play the 10th inning with both teams getting to start their portion with the bases loaded and nobody out. The team that scores the most wins. Wow that was hard.

Finally, like the great Dan Shulman of ESPN told us, have the game on Wednesday. Let Monday be a travel day, Tuesday can serve as the Home Run Derby, and the All Star game can be played on Wednesday. Then, there will be no games on Thursday and the second half of the season will resume on Friday. Since so many players complain about the travel (even though they’re getting paid ridiculous amounts of money) add a day to the break.

Seriously, someone tell me what’s wrong with this plan? It really isn’t that hard.


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