What’s Next for UNC Football? Butch Davis must feel like Michael Corleone in The Godfather

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Al Pacino - The Godfather

What’s next for the North Carolina Tar Heels Football Program?  After a year of turmoil with suspensions, violations, and allegations, UNC head football coach Butch Davis must feel like Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) in The Godfather. In The Godfather Part 3, Corleone utters quote: “Just when I think I’m Out, they pull me back IN.” Words were never more true regarding the Tar Heels football program. Davis’s longtime friend and former assistant John Blake was at the center of the NCAA investigation after he received payments around $31,000 by a sports agent & former employer Gary Wichard. Blake was also accused of recruiting Tar Heels players to sign with Wichard which is a Cardinal Sin to the NCAA. On top of everything, Jennifer Wiley, a former tutor &Davis family friend, was alleged of providing nearly $3,500 in impermissible benefits for players which included free teaching and paying parking tickets.

The 2010 season was over before it ever began. The pre-season expectations were the biggest the football program has ever anticipated since its inception. Many Tar Heels fans hoped for an ACC Football title; a BCS Bowl Game appearance; and perhaps even a shot at the Crystal Trophy in Glendale. Unfortunately, after it was all said and done, the Heels went through a tumultuous campaign of 8-5 after starting off 0-2 with back-to-back losses to LSU & Georgia Tech. Not to mention, another loss toIn-TriangleRivalN.C.Statefor the fourth consecutive year as Butch is still “OH for O’Brien”. UNC had nearly 13 players ruled ineligible for at least a game or the entire season: See Marvin Austin, Greg Little, and Robert Quinn.

Just when the Tar Heel nation thought it was safe to go back in the water, here comes Michael McAdoo. The former Defensive End is at the heart of an Academic Fraud investigation. McAdoo’s now infamous term paper on “The Evolution of Swahili Culture on the East Coast of Africa From 1AD to the Present” was a carbon copy of a work by a man named Charles Cornelius. During last season, at the behest of UNC Athletics Director Dick Baddour, theHonor Court ruled McAdoo ruled him eligible last September.

McAdoo’s blatant plagiarism of this paper was so egregious that Michael Bolton and Jayson Blair think he ripped off his material. Apparently, the NCAA However, the NCAA overruled UNC’s “HONOR” Court & Baddour by suspending McAdoo the entire season.

It’s one thing when the football program is running a muck with a Rogue assistant like Blake and a tutor like Wiley, but it’s whole another epidemic when the very fabric of UNC’s impeccable academic reputation is at stake. The NCAA found that McAdoo allegedly received “impermissible assistance on multiple assignments across several academic terms”. Baddour, UNC’s “HONOR” Court, & the school’s Legal Counsel Steven Keadey have vociferously defended McAdoo’s plagiarism throughout this entire process. UNC Chapel Hill has always been and will always be a perennial Top 30 Scholastic Institution of Higher Learning. It’s sad that Baddour has allowed the overzealous desire to be a Top 25 Football Program to taint UNC’s unblemished Academic Integrity. I don’t think UNC’s distinguished Alumni signed up for this when they agreed to be a legitimate contender on the gridiron.

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