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Mallorca Feature

(Photo by Sascha Baumann/Getty Images)

The Drive Friday 7-8-11- Another week of The Drive Lockout is in the books and we are hoping and praying this thing is resolved soon.  Not only have we been on remote for 3 1/2 weeks but  now Hitman and QCB have both taken the day off and left me to fend for myself with Intern Harry Potter.  Its fine though I’m a pro.  At least Potter (thats what I call him) is putting in his time.  He’s hear almost 10 hours a day!  For all you aspiring professionals out there learn a lesson from Intern Potter.  You have to put in the time with an internship.  But seriously this guy wont leave!

Also another week of some of the most boring weeks in sports has passed by.
Unless you are a baseball fanatic like Hitman that can watch a sorry ass team like the Cubs lose during the summer, these are some of the worst sports weeks in around.  But stick with it people this lockout will end soon enough and we will have real tackle football to watch in a few weeks.  The Hall of Fame Game is less than 30 days away and I want to see some football damn it!!!


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