Maggie On The Mend

Brett Jensen
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This past holiday weekend was one where millions upon millions of people celebrated the birth of this great country, and rightly so. However, I spent it worrying about my two-year-old Golden Retriever Maggie, who spent the holiday weekend in an emergency vet hospital.

On Saturday, Maggie started getting sick and wouldn’t eat. Then she stopped drinking water. That’s usually not a good combination. So off to the hospital she went.

The doctors there kept her hooked up to an IV so she wouldn’t dehydrate, but had no real answer as to why she was running a fever and still sick. This went on for 48 hours.

I took her from that hospital back to my house on Monday, hoping she would perk up, but all she did was get worse.

Tuesday morning, I took her to her regular vet on South Blvd., since it had reopened after being closed over the weekend. Two hours later, Dr. Whitman and Dr. Cline had Maggie cut open in the operating room looking for the problems.

They found it, thankfully.

Turns out that Maggie had eaten some rubber, where I don’t know. She also had some string that was blocking things as well. She now rests at the vet and I get to bring her home on Thursday.

While I may be somewhat cynical when it comes to sports, I’m a HUGE animal person. In fact, I always say I’d rather be around animals more than 98 percent of the people I know.

It looks like Mags is going to be fine and thanks to the doctors that saved her, she should live a long and happy life chasing and playing with my cat, Marty.

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