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Brett Jensen
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Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We are up and running and coming to you live from the NCAA Tournament here in Charlotte. If you are looking at the TV, I am seated directly behind the bench on the right side of the screen, also known as the visitor’s bench. I’m seated right beside the blonde girl, aka Kelli Bartik of Fox Charlotte.

The first game that I’d blogging from is Duke-Hampton. I was supposed to be here for the Tennessee-Michigan. But because I had to fill in for Frank Garcia today, I missed the game. As it turned out, that was a good thing considering that the Vols were completely embarrassed and quit. I wonder if the administration is going to quit on him once he gets back to Knoxville. I’m thinking yes.

It’s now in the Duke game and with 12:30 left to play, the Blue Devils are up 55-25.

Finally, with 5:25 left in the game, Kyrie grabbed the ball and on a full sprint beat everyone down the court for a layup. That’s what I’ve been waiting to see. That’s what fans have been waiting to see.

He played seven minutes in the first half and was 0-for-1 from the field, but 2-of-2 from the free throw line.

Thus far in the second half, he’s scoreless.

I’ve got to be honest, Kyrie doesn’t look that great, at least not as good as I thought he would. He looks hesitant and plodding. There’s no quick first step.

He had a chance to lead a fastbreak and he gave it up, instead opting to toss it to somebody else.

I fully understand that this is his first game in three months, but he’s been practicing for nearly three weeks.

Kyrie just steals the inbounds pass and makes a nice layup at the other end.

OK, so all my previous statements about Kyrie, I officially take back. One back-to-back possessions, Kyrie had a little shake-n-bake and drilled 3-pointers.

This one is in the books and Duke wins 87-45. Two games and the average score of victory is 36 points. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of the first game, Michigan became the first team to EVER win an NCAA Tournament game without making a free throw. The team was 0-for-1. Un-freaking-real.

Before we get started, how about the fact that Pat Riley of LA Lakers and Miami Heat fame is sitting about 10 rows behind me.

OK, this game has the makings for being really, really ugly. Actually, no different than the first two games played here.

To put things in perspective, LIU has one player over 6-foot-8. North Carolina has four at least that tall.

With North Carolina already up 12-2 just three minutes into the game, it seems like a good time to play NAME THAT LONG ISLANDER.

1) What’s he name of the NHL team that plays in Nassau Coliseum?

2) She’s hot, young, a trainwreck, dabbles in girl-on-girl and has been in court a lot of lately for a jewelry heist and not being able to stay sober.

3) He gets no respect.

4) Played Buckwheat in the 1980s.

5) Great singer that wound being a cougar after marrying a young comedian with no talent.

So, John Henson just did his best Duke impersonation by flopping and acting like somebody shot him. He laid on the floor for 20 seconds before getting up and walking to the bench. However, when going to the bench, he glared back at the LIU player like he was about to open up a can on him.

I will say this, John Henson is going to be in the NBA soon making millions of dollars, but he should never look that way at an NBA player because they will literally break him in half. Can you imagine looking at somebody like Ron Artest like that? Artest would blade him right there on the floor.

With 12 minutes left, UNC leads 19-11.

I am literally five feet behind the LIU bench and during the timeout, the head coach just told his players, “We just won that four minute stretch. We’ve got to win at least two more.”

It’s apparent the coach has broken this down into five four-minute segments for each half. Pretty smart.

How many players from Long Island are from another country? Five. There are four from Canada and one from Switzerland. If you count Texas as another country as the people there do, then they have eight players from another country.

Long Island University has an enrollment of 11,000 people and is located in Brooklyn, NY. The schools nickname is Blackbirds.

This session isn’t as full as it was for the Duke game. Odd.

North Carolina is playing just like it did in the ACC Tournament – lethargic and without urgency.

With 5:25 left, UNC 33, LIU 31

LIU is on a major run and Roy Williams refuses to call timeout. The score is now tied. It’s an 11-0 run for LIU.

The LIU mascot looks pretty cool, I must admit.

North Carolina responds with a 13-2 run to go up 46-35 with 2:11 left in the first half.

At the half, UNC leads 53-42. To put it in perspective, LIU could go the entire second half without scoring a point and it’d still be more than Penn State scored in its 36-33 win over Wisconsin in the Big 10 Tournament.

The Heels have pulled away and Henson and Barnes have played very well, but they will need to play much better than this if they want to dispose of Washington, assuming the Huskies beat Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia, I’d like to take this moment and say the beat writers there are some of the strangest and creepiest people in the history of sports reports and are the very reason sports writers are given a bad name. Some very strange and odd dudes.

Also, is there a school president that’s hated more by the students and alumni than Georgia’s Michael Adams? I can’t tell you how happy I am to be out of that situation so as not to have to deal with him or the sports writers.

UNC is playing like crap. Yes, the Tar Heels are going to win, but they aren’t playing like a No. 2 seed should, especially when you consider that they are playing a team that very few people know its nickname.

It’s a 10-point game with nine minutes left.

To tell you just how bad UNC’s outside shooting is, Kendall Marshall just scored his first field goal.

Henson has 26 points, while Barnes and Zeller each have 23. Yes, the much smaller LIU can’t defend the big UNC team inside, but the Heels will need their guards to step up. Strickland might be the worst shooting guard to start in the NCAA Tournament.

How can you be the starting No. 2 guard and not make a single field goal in three games during the ACC Tournament?

UNC wins 102-87, but it was less than inspiring. Wasn’t impressed at all.

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