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Ankle Rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation of your ankle(s) after an injury will focus on the achievement of the following goals:
1. Obtaining normal range of motion
2. Obtaining normal strength
3. Obtaining normal control/proprioception

Because the degree of injury varies from individual to individual, more concentration may need to be placed in one of the above areas for your particular condition. We will consider your ankle(s) fully rehabilitated after you have reached the above goals and you are capable of functioning successfully without pain.

Range of Motion Exercises
If most of your swelling is gone, these exercises may be preceded by some form of heat.

Active ankle motion.
A. Flexion: bring toes and foot up as far as possible hold
B. Extension: bring toes and foot downward as far as possible hold. Repeat A and B.
C. Inversion: turn the soles of feet inward, hold.
D. Eversion: turn soles of feet outward, hold.

Foot Circles:
Move foot in a smooth. Circular motion, first clockwise then, counterclockwise. Repeat each direction.

Lying on back with knee extended and foot hanging free off the end of the table, print the entire alphabet (Capital Letters) with your foot, moving as far as possible into all directions. Repeat.

Towel exercise:
Sitting in a chair with feet flat on the floor and towel placed under them, pull the towel towards you by curling up’ your toes and feet. Repeat.
When this exercise can be repeated more times, progressively add weight to the end of the towel and repeat as above.

Tubing exercise:
Sitting on the floor with tubing tied firmly around a stable object (couch, dresser leg, etc.).

A. Place tubing around the top of your foot with tubing fairly tight. Pull foot upward as strongly as possible, resisting the pull from the tubing. Hold this position. Relax. Repeat.
B. Change sitting position so that tubing now presses against the outside border of your foot. Pull foot outward, hold and relax.
C. Change sitting position so that tubing now presses against the inside border of your foot. Pull foot inward, hold and relax. Repeat.

Isometric Inversion/Eversion:
A. Position yourself next to a stationary object (wall, chair leg etc.). Place the outside boarder of your foot against the object and attempt to push outward. Hold and relax. Repeat.
B. Repeat the above exercise with the inside of your foot placed against the object Repeat.

Toe Raises:
A. Stand with feet placed 10”-12” apart, toes facing inward. Raise up as far as possible on toes, then down. Repeat up and down.
B. Point toes outward and repeat as above.
C. Single leg raises to be done as above (R)/(L)

Control Exercises
Practice standing on only your injured foot without holding anything for support. Slowly lean forward and work on regaining your balance. Practice doing this same exercise with heel slightly off the ground.

For more information, visit www.orthocarolina.com.

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