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Achilles Tendon Exercises

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Heel cord (Achilles tendon) and calf muscle stretching exercises are very important. These exercises should be performed for at least five minutes twice a day. You cannot stretch too much.

Seated Achilles Stretch:
With legs supported and knees extended, place a towel around the ball of the foot. Pull on both
ends of the towel so that the top of the foot pulls up. Hold stretch for 30 seconds.
Standing Achilles Stretch:
Lean against the wall with heels flat on the floor. Slowly lower body towards the wall (keeping the
heels flat) until a stretch is felt in the back of the calf. Hold for 30 seconds.
Soleus Stretch
Standing with both knees bent and involved foot back, gently lean
into wall until stretch is felt in lower calf.
Do several sessions per day.

Gastroc Stretch
Keeping back leg straight with heel on floor and turned slightly outward,
lean into wall until a stretch is felt In calf.
Do several sessions per day.

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