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T-Bone’s Celebrity Apprentice Primer

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One of the truly great reality TV shows returns for another season on Sunday night. The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. If you haven’t seen the first seasons, your missing out on TV gold. This is season should be no exception. Here is this seasons cast, and some of the changes that need to be made to really put it over the top.

Who we are keeping

Lil Jon (His interactions with team members should be epic. He only says what and yeah)

Gary Busey (Do I really need to explain why? He does brawl with Meat Loaf during the season)

Richard Hatch (One of the most hated guys in reality TV history. If he comes to the boardroom naked, that could be an all time moment)

NeNe Leakes (From the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Trust me on this one. She into a spat with Star Jones during the season)

Jose Canseco (Somebody has to write  the tell all  book when the season wraps up)

Star Jones (See NeNe above. America hates Star Jones. The perfect cast member

Meat Loaf (In the craziest celebrity rankings, he is vastly underrated. This could be the coming out party for him. He takes his game up to a Busey like level this year)

Niki Taylor and the other random hot model (Do you want to look at Star Jones and a naked  Richard Hatch all season ? I didnt think so)

Lisa Rinna (The used to be hot but is on the way out celeb is always good for TV) Who we are dropping.

The following are cast members that just do not  appeal to me for whatever reason.

John Rich

David Cassidy

Dionne Warwick

Mark McGrath

Marlee Matlin

La Toya Jackson

The 6 replacements.

Charlie Sheen (I mean, do I really have to explain? You get Busey, Meat Loaf, and Sheen on the same show, thats like the 92 Dream Team of whack jobs)

Ron Artest (He doesnt really seem to care about playing for the Lakers right now, so lets add him to the mix)

John Daly (Already doing reality TV stuff. Is a natural for this)

Iron Shiek (I know, I know. Its a random wrestler. Just Youtube some of his recent rants and you will understand why)

Amy Winehouse ( One of the truly craziest female celebs out there. Would be dating Jose Canseco by the 30 minute of episode 1. He will have a book done by the end of the show)

Mariah Carey (She got married and hasn’t been seen much lately.  I’m sure she one last run in her to create some drama)

You add these 6 to the cast, and there is no doubt you reached the reality TV mountain top

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