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Yes, I’m Embarassed

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Penn State v Alabama

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Harvey Updyke is a lunatic, ignorant, redneck Alabama fan. What he did to Auburn famous oak trees in Toomer’s Corner is despicable. Its as embarrassed as I’ve ever been to be a Bama fan. But its to be expected.

I love Alabama. No, not just the football team. I love the entire state of Alabama. Its who I am. Like the band said “my home’s in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head.” The people treat others with generosity, the beaches are beautiful, and the food is phenomenal. Oh, and then there’s the  football. While there’s nothing in sports I care more about than Bama winning games, I DESPISE the fans that have no association with the school. They cheer for the Tide because its their state school and that’s fine. But when uneducated fans take it WAY too seriously it brings out the very worst in my beloved home state.

Updyke was upset that Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl, and didn’t like that their fans carried out their ritual and rolled Toomer’s Corner after the game. So, HE POISONED THEIR TREES!?!?!?! WTF??? I went to the game and was very upset that Bama blew a 24 point lead, but you know what I did? I went home and went to bed. I remembered that I have two wonderful children, a great wife, and other family friends that are all healthy. Hell, my dog is in great shape. Point being that its a football game.

Unfortunately Updyke is one of many that takes it to another level. It means way too much to him and he ends up embarrassing the entire state. He deserves to spend time in prison. And if there was any way to take away his ability to cheer for the Crimson Tide please tell me how to make that happen. What a loser.


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