Old Geezey on Jerry Richardson and Rabbits

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On my way back from losin’ some hair at the head shop and pickin’ up a new air tank, I was tuned in to Bustin’ Loose with Frank and Moose. Driving down good old Sharon Amity, one of the few stretches of road that hasn’t changed a ton over the last twenty. Stuck at a red light, I started thinking, ‘Has Jerry Richardson embarrassed Charlotte with his comments to Peyton Manning or little Drew Brees?’ and ‘How many times have we heard or read the word CONDESCEND?’ This is the major charge against the Big Cat, so I looked up the meaning in my Webster’s:

1 a: to descend to a less formal or dignified level : unbend
1 b: to waive the privileges of rank
: to assume an air of superiority

Ok, my parents did that until I left home and just about every boss I’ve had has been the same. You see my parents and bosses were both paying me. Hard to believe they would have the audacity to act superior after keeping me fed, giving me shelter and allowing me to put a little back. How could I have taken that condescending attitude from them?

I then pulled in my driveway and wondered why I have not seen a rabbit in about two months. I think they are down there somewhere using steroids and “Night of the Lepus” may soon return! I have a feeling I will see rabbits again before the NFL.

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