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Here are 5 observations  in the world of sports and  entertainment.

1. The Miami Heat were exposed yet again by the Celtics Sunday in Boston. We all said going into the season that if you have a solid PG and quality bigs  in the middle that could contribute on both ends, you could do some serious damage to Miami.The Heat have no answer for Rajon Rondo at this point. It was fun to discuss the Heat playing without a Point Guard over the summer . That was all fine and dandy, until we saw what happens when the play Boston.  Paul Pierce was a non factor with 1 point and you lose? That doesn’t seem like a team ready to take out the Celtics in a 7 game series. Sorry Miami, start talking titles when you get Chris Paul in 2012.

2. There are very few moments in sports and entertainment that could make a grown man jump off the couch and start yelling like a school girl during a Justin Bieber concert. Well I had one of those moments last night. After 7 long years, the Rock returned to the WWE when he was announced on RAW as the guest host for Wrestlemania 27. He proved in a 20 minute promo why is regarded as the greatest of all time at what he does. Simply outstanding. He will never come back to wrestle full time, but last night proved what the WWE has missing for nearly a decade.The Michael Jordan of the WWE. Sorry Hulk, you have been passed

3. Two teams in baseball this year could win 105-110 games.  As a fan of all things New York it really pains me to even say this but I will do my best. Boston and Philly are head and shoulders above the rest. Not even close. A lot experts have the Phillies winning the World Series, and I get why. You have four possible twenty games winners in one rotation. I think Boston wins their third World Series since 04.I cant find a weakness.From the lineup,to the rotation,to the depth in the Bullpen.Boston on paper has the chance to have one of the best teams of recent memory.  That may all change though once the July trade deadline rolls around. Thats when I have Albert Pujols joining the Yankees.

4. I think Kansas gets knocked out of the NCAA Tournament earlier than they should again this year. I felt this way even before they got stomped at Kansas State last night.We have seen it before from Bill Self at Kansas. They have been knocked out in past years by Bucknell,Bradley,and Northern Iowa. They didn’t make a run last year with a better team in my opinion, and we should pencil them in for the Final Four? Not happening. Not falling for this trick again. I think the Jayhawks are knocked in the Sweet Sixteen or Elite 8. Pittsburgh, Texas, Ohio State, and Duke will be in the tourney longer. Yes, the Mighty Devils will again make a further run than KU in March and April.

5. Last week, the NCAA announced even more changes to the way we will view March Madness. We have a new partnership with Turner and CBS. New staggered start times for the first two days, and one other change I have a problem with. On the Sunday of the first weekend the games will go into prime time now.The last window of the weekend used to be a featured game on CBS at 5;30pm.The last game starting this year will now air on Turner at 9:30pm on Sunday night. I like those four days of hoops as much as the next guy, but when can we take a break and breathe for a second?  I mean some guys have Desperate Housewives they watch on Sundays at 9pm.Other guys watch the Real Housewives on Sunday nights.Some guys may watch both of those shows. Come on NCAA,think of guys like me when you make this choice.

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