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Bobcats Coach Paul Silas Say’s MJ Could Still Play In Today’s NBA!

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C’mon coach Silas? What’s in that crazy pipe you been smokin’? The Bobcats general told a radio station WMVP-AM 1000 in Chicago that the 47-year-old Bobcats owner , “Still has it. He can shoot that thing still. Not as athletic as he once was, of course, but who is?” Really coach? I love you to death, but that was a shoot-a-round practice he was competing in. A glorified walk through. I know your young Bobcats benefit from M.J. being out there, but there is no chance he could compete in today’s NBA. He’d get run over by the like’s of Derrick Rose. Rajon Rondo. Chris Paul. They would run circle’s around his ass! And the NBA bigs like Kevin Durant and Blake Griffen? They’d posterize good ole’ Mike! Coach Silas, stick to securing the 8 seed in the playoff race and tell Mike you appreciate him tutoring the team in practice. Don’t give him any ideas!

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