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Here are 5 observations from Super Bowl 45

1. I thought this was the worst year for Super Bowl commercials in recent memory.I can hardly remember any worth mentioning.The one that does stick out  is the NFL commercial where they show all of the great sitcom starts of the past rocking gear of the team where their show was based.We found out there is one celebrity Panther fan out there, and its ALF.Who might be the greatest TV character of my lifetime.

2. I was wrong about Green Bay. I loved them when the season started, but I felt their running game would be their ultimate downfall. It wasn’t.  Much like Ahmad Bradshaw stepping up late in the Giants 2007/2008 Super Bowl season, James Starks gave them just enough to open up the passing game. I also felt awful for Driver and Woodson.The biggest game of their long, storied careers and they were forced to sit. That would be like Colin and I getting injured during the day of a Duke/UNC and both of us having to sit out.

3. When they showed John Madden sitting next to former President George W. Bush, I didn’t know if it was really them or an add for Frank TV coming to TBS this fall.  What a celebrity row that was. I was hoping they would show George W and Emmitt Smith doing a crossword puzzle together.That would of been some comedy.

4. We all know how long the pregame show for the Super Bowl lasts, but yesterday might have been an all time. For example, I just read that Charlie Sheen was sent to rehab when the pregame started, did thirty days of treatment, had a relapse, and got sent back in all before the game actually kicked off.

5. There are two teams to keep an eye on for next years Super Bowl in Indy. The Jets and Giants. It could finally happen one year from now. My two favorite teams playing for the ultimate prize in sports. Ah, who am I kidding. I have predicted that game for the last 19 years. There is more  of a chance that Troy Aikman gets apersonality transplant in the off season.

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