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Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Roy Williams builds VERY strong relationships with most of his players. Remember when he was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame a few years ago? Alums from Kansas and Carolina traveled near and far to be there for their coach. Roy values that more than anything. He loves checking box scores to see what Paul Pierce, Marvin Williams, and Raymond Felton did last night. I think he mentions Jacque Vaughan in just about every press conference. He often references Kirk Heinrich and Nick Collison as the players that restored his faith in college basketball. I wonder what Larry Drew II and his parents have done to that faith now?

Drew II (can I please stop writing II? How about a 2? How about nothing?) decided to quit on his coach and teammates earlier today in Chapel Hill, almost literally in the middle of the conference schedule. Drew 2 cited what was in HIS best interests for making this decision. What about his teammates interests? I had a job nearly a decade ago that I HATED. I wanted so badly to quit because I thought that would be best for me. But how would quitting be best for my family?

The point is there is ZERO benefit to quitting now. It comes as no shock that Larry wanted out but for him and his family to decide that NOW would be the best decision is unbelievable. And it brings about many questions..

was he having problems with Roy and his staff?

was he not getting along with teammates?

are his parents delusional about their child’s talent?

how come Roy has lost 4 players in the last few years?

Then, there is one final question that we all know the answer to… will Larry Drew ever lives this down? No.


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