Geezy And The Juice In 1994

Jim Celania
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O.J. Simpson
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Turns out my most memorable Super Bowl story came from the one i had to watch on TV while in the Georgia Dome. My shooter Doug had the press pass to be on the field or in the box, mine only got me in the joint for the game. I walked around in circles literally for a couple of hours before the game in the main artery or tunnel. After the pre game show I decided to claim a seat which was one of three all bolted together up against the slick grey concrete wall on the other wall tv monitor+s up about ten feet . I had not even noticed the locked grey door to my left about a foot away. I had noticed that a few more feet away to my left was an entrance to the field . You had to have a credential to be in this tunnel but it did not get you on the field. Turned out it was a main bloodline to the field. Some other time i will tall you about the half time show which was staged right in front of me bands , performers like Stevie Wonder, Charlie Daniels , The Judds and more just feet away backstage before they went out on the field.

This story is about O.J. It was early in the game as i recall when tight end Pete M of the bills was injured. He was a key guy for Kelly and the Bills who really never had a chance anyway. I was sitting next to two writers who had been covering soccer in Europe. We watched on the TV as Pete was leaving the field with trainers and staff. Again i had no concept really of where i was sitting in relation to the field. As he left the field into that tunnel he appeared right in front of me. I thought they were going to put him on my knee until that grey door opened for them and he was gone in there with the medical staff. N

Now to the Juice. In those days before killing two people,  Simpson worked the sidelines for NBC. This was 94 cowboys-bills. A few minutes passed after Pete went through that door and O.J. shows up with a camera guy and field producer/audio person. The juice parks him self right in front of me to the point where i could hardly see the tv across from me.  he looks down says sorry moves a little and then says says hi . we knew each other from the bay area when i was doing sports for abc and kgo. He actually sort of co-hosted with me and the blond chick from Amazing Animals . We did a live show for at least an hour at the Niner Super Bowl party and dinner in Detroit the night they won Super Bowl 16. He was in constant contact with someone in the truck named Ernie or Bernie as i recall cause we could hear every word he said .I enjoyed it  since i had done the same thing so many times . At one point our knees touche. He was so close,  if that microphone was a knife i could have been carved . It was  in 94 who knew ? After we bumped knees and i had no where to g, Im in a chair bolted to a wal. He said sorry after our knees touched and said how have you been ? We had a little small talk and after about 10 to 15 minutes they sent him away from us . Pete never came back out that door and the juice waisted 15 minutes of his life waiting for an interview that never happened. Wish i could tell what shoes he was wearing or that i said how is nicole doing ? Never saw him again in person.  Anybody got his email in his current room, or cell number?  Love to ask him if he remembers that scene with me. If i could go back in a time machine, I  would i say to him. ” Juice as a friend i think you should collect only plastic knives , try sporks”


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