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jay135 Jay "JayWeezie" Brown
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Whats up people, another show in the books and behind the scenes today we had a couple callers off air that like to rag on the callers that actually go on-air.   Its always fun to hear someone bitch about someone else and when you say “hey lets get you on-air to talk with the guys” they clam up and hang up.  Oh well we cant all be great on the radio like me lol. Also had a nice visit from Mrs. Garcia, Franks wife from Bustin Loose with Frank and Moose.  As they were heading to Durham for the Duke game tonight and of course she was looking lovely as always.  Towards the end of the show the best loiterer in the business Big Pat shows up to hangout in the studios and mooch our free food.  But that’s what he does and he’s damn good at it. OK I’m off to see “True Grit” I hear its good.

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