Thank Your Mail Man

By Jim Celania
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(Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

(Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

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Listening to Jensen and Kilgo after I got home from the station with the lists of great basketball coaches, noticed my mailman walking up the drive-way with my mail. Started making my own list of the great mailmen I have had in my 20+ years in Cotswold.

First one in the early 90’s was Willie, friendliest cat you could ever meet. After a few years he got sore feets and was gone. Next one of merit was Alec. He wore a white pith helmet and was strong as a bull. Not as talkative as Willie, but just as dependable.

My current guy is Cal, a New Yorker ‘round my age and has a gimpy knee and loves to play golf. I feel guilty sometimes when I talk to Cal with a beer in hand ‘cause I know he’d love one or more. Even on that bad knee I watched him get up my drive-way or yard through the recent snow and ice or freezing rain. Not sayin’ he should get a statue like Costner, but he is a great one just like Willie and Alec.

So you can praise Phil, K, Dean, Roy, Red, John and the rest of them, but would they have made sure I got my junk mail about pizzas, bills and charity requests? You should say “hi” sometime to your mail guy or gal and thank them. Most mailmen are not like the one in the Redford-Dunaway movie “Three Days Of The Condor”.

P.S. Don’t lick too many stamps.

6am tomorrow, Old Geezy

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