Roger “Fidel” Goodell At The Moment Of Truth

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2010 NFL Draft Round 1

     Has NFL Commissioner/Dictator Roger “FIDEL” Goodell lost his mind? STOP THE PRESSES! Roger Goodell has vowed to cut his $10 Million Dollar Salary to $1 Dollar if there is a work stoppage after the current collective bargaining agreement expires. What’s next? Is “P. Diddy” gonna throw only 150 parties instead of 300 a year? Is Paris Hilton gonna hit Rodeo Drive for ONLY $25,000 shopping sprees instead of $100,000 shopping sprees? Is Brett Favre gonna hold ONLY a few franchises “Hostage” in the off-season instead of all 32 teams along with ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, &  NFL Network? PLLLLLEEEEEEASE! Like “The Godfather” Michael Corleone said to his brother-in-law Carlo before he gave him a one-way ticket to Vegas by strangulation in the passenger seat: “DON’T TELL ME YOU’RE INNOCENT…IT INSULTS MY INTELLIGENCE & MAKES ME VERY ANGRY!”

     Goodell has ruled the National Football League with an IRON FIST akin to “THE EVIL WARDEN in Shawshank Redemption. His brief tenure has been summarized by a few things: “WUSSIFYING” the once proud, hard as Nails NFL to a watered down version which makes legendary Hall of Famers like Dick Butkus & Deacon Jones shudder; ruthlessly reprimanding & fining players for “OFF” the field Personal Conduct Policy Issues; & trying to re-create the ill-fated NFL Europe again through preposterous expansion ideas across the pond.  MEMO TO COMMISSIONER: BE MORE LIKE the Late, Great Pete Rozelle; NOT “FIDEL” Goodell!

     This is the 11th hour at the “Moment of Truth”. STOP GRAND-STANDING with absurd notions of making a dollar year. Don’t let the “Most Popular Sport in America” come to a complete halt because of Your Bigger Than Texas sized EGO. The NFL always has and always will belong to the Most Important Target Demographic: THE FANS. Without US, there is NO Multi-Billion Dollar Empire.

Now, earn your $10 Million Dollar Salary & “Let’s Make a Deal.”



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