20 Years Ago Today

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Super Bowl XXV
TBone-135 T-Bone
*Been at WFNZ as a producer for Mac for 9 years. First with the Penner...
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One of the biggest questions I get all the time is,  how is it possible that I root for the Jets and Giants? Twenty years ago today an event happened that is the exact reason why I do.I was a Jets fan at age 5, and my Dad was a big Giants fan.I had a natural hate for the Bills already at that age since they destroyed the Jets every  game.To this day,one of the greatest memories of my childhood was my Dad picking me up and running around the house when Scott Norwood missed the field goal wide right.Its amazing to me that its already been 20 years since that game.Its one of the main reasons I became such a sports fan and its why I can never turn my back on the Giants.

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