T-Bone`s Top 5 NFL Coaches

By T-Bone
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2011 AFC Championship: New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers
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In today`s installment of T-Bone`s top 5, I will give you my current list of the top 5 coaches in the NFL. I hard a time finishing this after I banged my head in the wall when I typed the name of my number 1 guy.

1- Mike Tomlin. I hate the Steelers as much as anybody, but you have to give credit where credit is due. He is just 38 years old and with a win in Super Bowl 45 he will have two titles in 3 years. His best accomplishment may have been done in the first four weeks of this year. With Big Ben suspended, he led the Steelers to a 3-1 record. Besides beating Green Bay on February 5th, Tomlin still has his biggest task ahead of him. Keeping Roethliesberger out of trouble in the off season. That could be harder than winning two championships in 3 years.

2- Bill Belichick. There is no doubting what this man has done at the helm of the Patriots. A dynasty that included 3 Super Bowls, and a 126-50 record. Having said that, is the Hoodie starting to slip? Yes, its hard to believe a team that went 14-2 is slipping but its all about winning it all right now in New England. Something he has not done since 2005, despite having one of the best teams of all time in 2007 and a team this year favored to win it all. It appears to me that he is approaching that Joe Torre 2001-2007 period with the Yankees. He will always have his team a prime contender, but can he still get it done when it counts?

3- Andy Reid. Some people (Mac) think Andy Reid should be higher on the list for his consistency and what he was able to do this past season with Mike Vick. He has only missed the playoffs 3 times since he took over in 1999. He still has only appeared in one Super Bowl and is in 0-5 in championship games. I’m a huge Andy Reid fan, and Tomlin and Hoodie are the only two guys I take ahead of him despite not wining a Super Bowl yet. He has to get one soon though.

4- Rex Ryan. This is one is simple for me. He has turned one of the most tormented franchises in sports around and guided them to two straight AFC Championship Games. The only other person to take them to a Championship Game in my lifetime was Bill Parcells. “Sexy Rexy” has done it twice. The most important thing he has done is change the culture of the team. No long are we the loser Jets that finish with a a top 10 draft pick. We are now the loser Jets who finish with a pick in the late 20s each year. People around the league say that his scheme against New England was one of the best they have ever seen. He has also been a first class citizen. Have you ever seen a Head Coach handle a foot fetish video scandal as well as he did? I don’t think so.

5- Sean Payton. This spot was a tough one. It came down to Payton and Ron Rivera. Their resumes are just so similar. Ron Rivera may appear in my bottom 5 coaches by this time next year. Is Sean the best offensive mind the game, or is lucky to have Drew Brees as his QB? In my opinion he is that damn good. He lost his top 2 Running Backs for a majority of the season and still had the offense rolling into the playoffs. Getting a team back to playoff level the season after you win it all is one of the toughest things to do in the NFL. There is no doubt in my mind that by this time next season, Sean Payton will be higher on my list.

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