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How 'Bout Some Accountability?

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The NCAA is a total farce. I have no respect for them as an organization, and their leader, Mark Emmert, should be fired. Cam Newton’s father tried to get money for his son to sign at Mississippi State. Even though Cam didn’t take the money, didn’t go to school in Starkville, and there’s no evidence this happened at Auburn it STILL compromised his eligibility.


In fact the NCAA even said he violated their rulebook. But Newton didn’t have to sit out, and will play against Oregon in the national title game. While I love watching him play this sets a terrible standard. It basically says if you break the rules you can still play. Why? Because the NCAA needs their stars on the football field.

The Newton example is a good one, but the single worst judgment in NCAA history was handed down last week. Five Ohio State Buckeyes compromised their eligibility by accepting money for signed memorabilia and for receiving discounts on some of their tattoos. While these players will have to sit out the first five games of the 2011 season, they all participated in the Buckeyes win in the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday night. THAT CAN”T HAPPEN. How in the blue hell can someone break a rule yet still play in the team’s biggest game? The Sugar Bowl even admitted that they lobbied the NCAA to let them play in the game because they needed them for ratings and to sell tickets.

I can’t take it anymore. Mark Emmert must be fired and new leadership that believes in accountability must take over. Or a new governing body must take form and strive to protect the integrity of college football. Otherwise the cheating will get worse, the lack of ethics will continue, and the game will simply become a farm system for the NFL.





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