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kevin durant game Bobcats vs. Thunder: LIVE Blog

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

I’m taking over for tonight’s LIVE blogging of the Charlotte Bobcats (9-18) game tonight versus Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder (19-9).  Hopefully I won’t mess up as much as “Boom Goes The Dynamite” guy on YouTube, but I’m pumped up to see if the Bobcats can turn around their season and get a good home win against a good Western conference team.


Seeing the Lady Cats in Santa outfits makes me definitely in the mood for Christmas this year, which I can go ahead and plug their 2011 swimsuit calendar as a good stocking stuffer.  Big shout-out goes to the cover girl Lindsay.  I’m hoping to see a Bobcats win to make up for UNC losing by one point to Kevin Durant’s old team — Texas.  Wallace is out with a left ankle sprain, this being his 4th games missed in a row.

1st Quarter:

Matt Carroll and Dominic McGuire are starting tonight for the Bobcats along with Jackson, K. Brown, and Augustine.  Interesting line-up I would say.  Kevin Durant gets an immediate 3 pointer, which might be a bad sign for things to come from his shooting.  Bobcats haven’t found their rhythm yet with a bad 3-pointer by Carroll and a walk…and Durant capitalizes on this with a wide-open 3 and an uncontested alley-oop.  At a time-out, a fan shot 4 baskets into the Lowe’s barrels and won a $500 gift certificate to  Lowe’s…man I could use that!

Kwame Brown took an aggressive under the goal bank-up shot and got fouled in the process, which is turning around their momentum as they tied up the game. The arena is pretty crowded tonight, maybe because of their free ticket giveaway last Tuesday night if they had a win over the Raptors.  But the arena is still a far, far cry from the old Charlotte Coliseum days where the Hornets fans were extremely loud the entire game.  The only fans showing emotion are the 8 guys in the row before me dressed up in orange/blue clothes.

Jackson had a powerful lay-up to the basket with a foul, but then committed a foul with the same exact play on the other side of the court.  Bobcats foul shooting is keeping them in the game.  Kevin Durant took a hard fall on his own while trying to get a defensive rebount, and the refs called a bad foul because of it.  The Thunder tried to make a 3 point shot, but they were too late as the buzzer went off.

Bobcats vs Thunder: 23-21

2nd Quarter:

Guard Shaun Livingston is looking pretty good out on the court controlling the ball and making some shots…but now he just had a dumb foul.  So maybe that’s the theme tonight.  A Bobcats player does something great, then immediately does something bad on the other side of the court.  Rookie Sherron Collins enters into the game after three minutes of play after recalling him yesterday from the snappy Maine Red Claws NBA D-League.

Sidenote: I’m glad that Bobcats TV host Caroline is back this year to do the breaks during time-outs…the girl last year acted somewhat inebriated during her breaks and didn’t look like she knew where she was at all.

Russell Westbrook had an incredible lay-up move straight to the basket to give the Thunder a one point deficit.  Oklahoma City is trying to push the ball too hard down the court when they have a quick turnover, and the balls go out of bounds.  Doesn’t seem to phase them because Kevin Durant has another wide-open alley-oop.  Collins looks pumped up and ready to be back playing after a shot clock expiring 3-point basket.  Derrick shows up to give the team a big dunk under the basket, then Kevin Durant repays the favor with a one handed slam dunk uncontested.  After two timeouts, Derrick Brown gets a quick steal and comes up with an amazing one handed slam lay-up slam.

Bobcats vs. Thunder: 40-45

Lead scorer is, but who else, Durant with 17 points.  Jackson is second with nine.  Both teams are right around the same shooting percentage of 38%.

Halftime Show: Impromtu…I’m impromtu-ed to go to the bathroom at this time.

bobcats e1292991229738 Bobcats vs. Thunder: LIVE Blog

Courtesy of Willy J.

3rd Quarter:

One of the die-hard Bobcats fans in front of me yells out to Durant during his foul shot: “Why Are You SO GOOD?!?!”

Jackson forced a walk on the Thunder and Ibaka goal tended while trying to block a shot to put the Bobcats back in this game after the Thunder scored some early shots.  Kwame has had 2 big blocks in this quarter alone so far.  Stephen Jackson is starting to heat up and make some shots.

Jackson had a one-handed backwards layup while under the basket to get our fans hyped and take the lead.  The Durant show is still going on though, so it’ll remain close for probably the remainder of the game.  Diaw tries to defend Durant but accidentally puts his elbow right into Kevin’s cheek.  In a desperation of passing the ball to each other, the Bobcats give it to Jackson who plays off of a weak defender, gets the foul, and makes the three.  He ‘s becoming a connoisseur of these shots.  The Thunder had an opportunity to lead at the end of the period, but Russell Westbrook forgot to shoot the ball.

Bobcats vs. Thunder: 69-68

4th Quarter:

Sidenote: A girl keeps on pointing at me saying to her sister that I look like Justin Bieber…when will it ever stop!

Attendance: 16,876 people!…Wow very impressed and from my view it’s really packed in here.

Derrick Brown is fouling up a storm, and Durant is already over 3o points with the foul shots he just received.  The Bobcats were playing well up to now, but they look like they missing Wallace’s fast drives and leadership.  Tyrus Thomas gives an awful throw to D. Brown who turns over the ball again.

Sidenote: Kids are fighting over toys during the “Toy Dash” segment of the game.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to wear the corny elf costumes the promotions staff has to wear when I was doing promotions back a few years ago at the station.

Thunder are taking control now with a 14 point lead as the rest of Durant’s team is finally making a lot of shots.  Fans start exiting the building after Westbrook makes a long layup followed by 3-4 turnovers from the Bobcats.  They should have a T-Shirt toss every break of the game just to get our fans fired up.  Now we are down by almost 20 points.  Three minutes to play and time to put in the bench players!

Well, this game is a wrap.  Bobcats need to hope that Gerald Wallace can return to play ASAP before they can even attempt to win some more games and get over the .500 mark.  Even though Derrick Brown had some dumb mistakes, his dunks still look mighty impressive for the highlight reel.

Bobcats lose to Thunder 81-99.

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Post Game Interviews:


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