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Live From ACC Championship

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(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

I’m coming to you live from a dark, wet and dreary night in which the ACC Championship Game is being played here in Charlotte for the first time. The weather sucks, but the stands are full, which is a first for the ACC Championship Game and for BOA Stadium this year.

The big news of the game is that Florida State start quarterback Christian Ponder isn’t playing because his bad elbow has flared up. Insert EJ Manuel, who can run but has problems throwing the ball with any accuracy.

At this particular moment, he’s already thrown one pick-six for a VT touchdown and the Hokies lead 14-3 with four minutes left in the opening quarter.

And just like that, the score is 14-10 as the Noles score a touchdown. So much for bad weather being a factor in this game.

OK, I’ve never really endorsed products before, but here in the press box at BOA, ESPN has set up a 3D-TV that we can watch the game on. It’s the first time I’ve tried it and I have to say that it is absolutely incredible. It honestly felt like you were on the sideline.

The thing is, though, is that I got tired of wearing those glasses after about five minutes. But if you can stand wearing the glasses, it’s an experience that you won’t soon forget, much like your first kiss, first butt kicking – giving or receiving – or the first time you got drunk and couldn’t remember where you parked your dad’s company truck … when you were 18.

Virginia Tech has scored again on a very impressive drive and now leads 21-10 in the second quarter.

And a few minutes later, FSU scores a TD to make it 21-17 with 5:48 left to play in the first half. Outside the bad weather, everything has gone right with this game for the ACC. Two prominent teams, entertaining and high scoring and a crowded stadium, even in the far reaches of the upper deck.

The ACC needed this in a bad way.

And because the Florida State scored a touchdown, what do you say we celebrate by looking at some quality talent representing the Noles.

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Va Tech scores early in the third quarter and takes a 28-17 lead and it looks as though the Hokies are about to score again.

Just got this bit of info from a couple of sources – it’s not a slam dunk that Clemson will be here for the bowl game and it’s all because of the Sun Bowl in El Paso.

Here’s what was expected to happen: Miami to Sun Bowl, N.C. State to Champs and Clemson to Charlotte. But because Miami fired its coach, there’s a chance the Sun Bowl takes Boston College, which means Champs may want Miami, which would give Charlotte its choice between N.C. State and Clemson, and most expect the Wolfpack to be the chosen team, which would mean the Tigers would be shipped off to Shreveport, La., or some remote place like that.

Hokies scored to make it 35-17 in the third. Here’s a pic to celebrate the score.

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Just sitting here with my mind wandering and I think of how easy it’d be to fire off a few Virginia Tech jokes, but I’m not going to because I’m much bigger than that. Far be it from me to take cheap shots at someone or entity.

But what I will make jokes about is how BOA Stadium actually had to test the scoreboard system because it wasn’t sure if it could go has high as 30 points since it never does on Sundays here. Also, the ushers had to be retrained on how to actually help people to their seats since there were actually people in attendance as opposed to Sundays. Moreover, those same ushers were told they couldn’t leave at halftime like they usually do on Sundays with the rest of the crowd.

FSU scores to keep it interesting. 35-24. Time for a pic.

img439e2756378f7zm7 e1291518999225 Live From ACC Championship


The fourth quarter is underway and the Hokies are on the move again. In fact, they have converted 11-of-13 third downs into first downs. Simply amazing.

The Hokies scored again, but the extra point was blocked and returned for a two-pointer for the Noles.

41-26. Pic time for the Hokies.

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Official attendance: 72,379.

Va Tech just booted a field goal to ice the game but I’m not putting up a pic of a Hokie girl. If you’d seen that kick that resembled a dying quail, you’d understand why it’s not deserving of a pic.


This game is over as FSU just failed to convert a fourth down. This one is done and so am I. Thanks for checking out the blog and be sure to check it out during the week for more college and Panther updates.

In celebration of Va Tech winning, here’s what all the Hokie fans will be doing the rest of the weekend.

action shot e1291521261134 Live From ACC Championship

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